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Foster van Denend
CARNIVAL JOB: Talker Roustabout
JOINED: December 2016
Timeline: Timeline!

✧Fangs: Self-sharpening bony plates like dunkleosteus replace his human teeth.
✧Animal Ears: Big, soft cow's ears, left over from when he was turned into one by the Ring Master.
✧Animal eyes: Still blue, but they reflect light in a greeny-yellow sort of white when light is shined into them.
✧Fae Mark: Transient orca-style saddlepatch on his back. Strange sigil over his heart, where he was stabbed by Pru during the Urban Magic AU event.
✧Fur: His arms, shoulders, and part of his back are covered in thick, slightly wavy blond bear's fur.
✩Mushrooms: Various, grow out of his body and even his face on occasion. Favour sites of injury. Colour, size, and species are pretty random.
✩Unguligrade: Miohippus style unguligrade legs. Another example for fun.
✩Bear Paws: His hands are now massive bear paws, albeit with thumbs and dark green paw pads. But all of his fingers are about 75% claw, so goodbye manual dexterity.

1ST CONTRACT: Involuntary contract. Lost at a game more times than he had tickets to pay for because he couldn't curb his need to 'solve' it.

CONTACT: [ profile] railehatesfun OR railehatesfun#6621 on Discord

♺ First Impressions
❱ VISUAL: 5'10", mixed-race, 25 years old with a bit of chronic babyface. Human undead, now actually alive again. Foster has difficult-to-control blond hair and blue eyes with distinctly brown skin, though he's kind of... uh, lacking in health, and so tends to have a slightly 'off' tone to him, which can also be said to apply to his body language, vocal inflection, word choice, and personal impression in general. He's not a fan of shirts, and usually eschews them entirely in favour of pyjama pants and nothing else, which unhelpfully shows exactly how ribby he is. When he has to work, he wears poncho-style wraps.

He has a big nose, wide mouth, and bags under his eyes that range from tired lines to dark, bruiselike circles. He also has blunted affect, and so he tends not to emote much facially.

Ironically, he talks with his hands a lot--when they're not buried in his hair, as that's a frequent physical tic.

Finally, he drools when he's excited and/or upset. A lot. It's.... gross. Sorry.
❱ AURAL: Foster's voice is more expressive than his face, which is super helpful. While his face is almost constantly deadpan, his voice--while loud--carries a lot of meaning in terms of intonation. In fact, he has a definite flair for the dramatic.

He has kind of an odd accent, which is the consequence of growing up in the equivalent of New England with an Afrikaner mum (literally South African diaspora.) The timing and inflection of his words is kind of unconventional, but he enunciates clearly.

That said, the more agitated he becomes, the more his words slur together--a change that occurs only at extremes of emotion, and in inverse proportion to his facial expression, which finally breaks its deadpan to become alarmingly exaggerated.

The reason for this is covered under medical info, but basically, he forgets to swallow. Hard to talk through a mouth full of spit. (Also, might want to dodge that, kind of gross.)
❱ OLFACTORY: Well. He doesn't smell dead any more, so that's cool. He probably smells at least a little like gold of all things, because he has 763 gold coins all over his bed and trailer, and it's hard not to. May also smell like: blood, shampoo, various animals (dead), smoke/candles, and so on.
❱ DEMEANOR: Foster's body language is noticeably disconnected, even aloof--he holds himself away from people, rarely initiates physical contact, and frequently holds conversations without looking at others.

Angles are important here--on an unconscious level, the way he stands relative to others reflects the way he perceives himself in relation TO them. Most of the time, it's detached and closed off, with little to no interest or awareness on his part--pretty much how he feels about people, honestly. Even in confrontation, he actively avoids eye contact--implying he doesn't want to be there.

When he does lock eyes, it's uncomfortably direct. Most of the time, active engagement is coupled with a forward lean or hunched shoulders, angling his head so as to look up at the person he's speaking to (i.e. putting them "above" him.)

On the flip side, if they've really fucked up or offended him in some way, he will square himself off against them and actually angle his head to look down at them.
♺ IC Permissions
❱ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Assume, for all forms of attention, that Foster is going to act like it's opposite day. If you thank him or apologise to him, you're going to offend him or make him uncomfortable. If you grab him in a painful manner, he'll be totally cool with that, and appreciate the gesture.

Similarly, unless it hurts or is forceful in some way, he will not like physical contact that he did not initiate. (Even then, he may not appreciate being touched, but again, he'll appreciate the gesture.)
❱ HUGGING: Did you read the previous two paragraphs? He'll be visibly unhappy with it.
❱ FLIRTING: He will probably not notice. He's bad at reading tone and other indirect signals.
❱ RELATIONSHIPS: ??????????
❱ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: YES. Yes, yes, yes. Go ahead. No, really, he encourages it. He will not fight back unless you really manage to scare him. Given that he's actually already dead, this will be challenging to accomplish. Nevermind, it's easier now.
❱ KILLING: He's dead, Jim. That's HIS job, not yours.
❱ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: Foster is mentally ill, but so is at least a third of DWRP so that's not remarkable. He's got physical brain damage, however, and it's spread throughout the brain instead of being localised, so it's probably very difficult to get around his mind.

Depending on the psionic in question, it may not actually be possible to make contact with his mind at all, because his physical brain isn't alive at all. It could be completely removed from his head or mashed into a pulp (it's already.. uh, further... decayed in there tbh) and it wouldn't change a thing. His "mind" is a magical construct now, preserved independent of his body by the existence and strength of his will.

You might wanna find a mage?

It's possible again, but like... why.
❱ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Foster is an necromancer, and he is also undead. He raised himself from the dead in violation of all common sense physical laws of magic. Because of this, he is under his own complete (and questionable) control.

This enables him to give himself absolute commands--that is to say, orders that he must carry out or fully attempt to carry out. Due to the, uh, circular nature of what he is, this means that he A. cannot halfass, hesitate, or otherwise try NOT to carry them out, B. he cannot TAKE IT BACK if he changes his mind, because that violates A, and C. can actually fuck up and give himself commands unintentionally, although this 'bug' in particular is usually the result of poor impulse control or intrusive thoughts.

As noted in the Psychic category, his mind is preserved separate from his physical body--he controls his body in a very natural way, but it's more like puppetry than locomotor control. Ostensibly, he would have no reflexes like flinching, but he has actually commanded himself to feel physical pain. It doesn't actually disable him in any capacity, though--he "feels" it, but it doesn't restrict his movements in any way.

Also, being undead, he's basically fucking impossible to kill. Normally a necromancer would choose to "unmake" a creation after a certain point, and at a certain point, it becomes more or less impossible to keep something there if there's nothing to... be there... but Foster would have to consciously "agree" to die and that's kind of. Um. Please don't render him into jelly or something, that's weird.

❱ MEDICAL INFORMATION: I mean... other than being dead...?

He has... uh, had? On account of being dead shenanigans, I guess... a neurodegenerative disease, which basically means his disease was eating holes in his brain. It accounts (physically or otherwise) for a lot of his weird behaviour. This has been a lifelong Thing, and as his condition deteriorated, his coping skills got worse and so his coping mechanisms got weirder.

Over the years, he got himself a personality disorder characterised in part by low/no empathy, developed extremely distorted thinking, is consistently delusional, and has a marked inability to assess reality.

He also has attention/memory issues. One of his early symptoms as a child was a tendency to get lost walking to or from the bus, on the way to classes or back from/to the bathroom, etc. He might remember where he was going, but not how to get there; other times, he'll remember he was going somewhere, but not be sure where or why. Or he may literally just end up somewhere else entirely, doing someTHING else entirely, and he may or may not remember there was a thing he was supposed to be doing, even if he's reminded. To some extent, he's solved this via necromancy by just giving himself 'orders' before he does something, but...

What I'm saying is that Foster can literally get lost taking a piss. Please keep tabs on him if you don't want to regret knowing him (more than you already do.)

Except he doesn't have bodily functions any more because he's dead shut up

More rarely, he has memory "blackouts"--it's entirely possible for him to do things and not remember them days later, or even immediately after. It's not especially common, though.

Oh, and the brain damage is also why he drools--his swallowing reflex is damaged and it's worse when his brain is excited. It's a good thing he doesn't have to eat any more because otherwise he would be an aspiration risk. Well, this is awkward. I guess he's at risk for aspirating food and liquids again now. Thanks, Obama RM.

❱ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Foster has a severe medical trigger. He can get stitches if he really has to, but he couldn't walk into a hospital for it, or have his blood pressure taken, or get a shot, or otherwise be a patient in any capacity. This is easily avoided for the most part by not going near doctors' offices or hospitals, being super up front about it if it seems even a little bit like it's going to come up, and also by being dead.

He's also phobic of other people's blood, specifically the idea of it being in his mouth. This is so extreme that he treats it (and thinks of it) as a contaminant: if even one drop, one microscopic speck of blood has touched something, it's Tainted and even thinking about it is enough to stress him out. For this reason, he's a vegetarian. (His own blood is perfectly fine.)

Also, he doesn't like old people. It's not a real trigger so much as it's extremely uncomfortable, to the point that he avoids them and is even somewhat repulsed by them. It's, a. Uh. Mortality awareness thing.
♺ OOC Permissions
❱ BACKTAGGING: I'm all for it! I tend to assume backtagging is fine unless otherwise informed, but I may drop threads if I'm overwhelmed. I really, really encourage people to feel free to tag me back whenever they want, though--even if it's two weeks later!
❱ THREADHOPPING: Oh man, please do! Unless a thread is specified as [CLOSED]. Then... uh, then the thread is closed.
❱ FOURTHWALLING: He's an OC??? I don't????? See how that could happen?????????
❱ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: I can't.... think of anything? I can't think of anything. I have none, really. I mean, I have one, but it's really... um, just don't start talking about human impact or climate change at length in a tag, I guess.
❱ ANYTHING ELSE? Hey sup my name is Raile and I really encourage open communication! Hit me up with any questions, concerns, commentary... just anything you might have to say to me.


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